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      With ten years export trade experience, we absorb most export trade experts and senior enterprise management experts to build a first class foreign trade team.And we take the lead to propose the new concept of the custody of foreign trade so that we can provide our customers with new experience of precise localization,marketing,and conclude a transaction.We can help our clients to occupy the international market rapidly,save high labor cost and bring generous profit.


      Service Content

      Development and promotion of your products to abroad, investigation and analysis of international market, overseas market business strategy,analysis and suggestion, import from abroad, credit review of contracting parties, logistics, commodity inspection, customs clearance, foreign trade training, do all kinds of certificate of origin for our customers and so on.


      Service Feature

      1.Zero threshold-You can export at once even though you don’t have qualification or team.
      2.Low human cost-At least one hundred thousand will be input if you want to build foreign trade department and recruit elite to do foreign trade.
      3. Sell with negative cost-Our country support foreign trade.The tax refund rate can reach 13%-17%.


      Business Process







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