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    1. Conveyor Roller

      Conveyor Roller

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      ACM Roller
      ACM rollers have the advantages of acid, alkali, and salt corrosion resistance, anti-static property, flame retarding, high wear resistance, and long service life. Besides, they are not sticky, and will not damage the belt. And the noise while running is low. They can be widely used on the belt conveyor in the filed of metallurgy, coal, mining, chemical industry, building materials, food, port and other industries.

      Main characteristics
      1, Excellent mechanical properties: resistance to high impact strength, good toughness and the roller has no damage within 3 meters;
      2, Good air tightness: waterproof, dust-proof, and the bearing grease don’t leak;
      3, Good corrosion resistance: acid, alkali, and salt corrosion resistance, two to three times better than traditional materials;
      4, Widely suitable temperature range: can operate stably from 30 to 125 ℃;
      5, Good anti-static property, and flame retarding;
      6, Good wear resistance: low friction coefficient, wear-resisting performance is good, and it will not damage the belt, which can increase the service life of the belt 1-2 times;
      7, Not sticky: smooth surface but not sticky;
      8, Small running resistance: reasonable materials and structure design, dedicated bearing is used for roller; the rotating resistance is 1.2-1.5 N;
      9, Low noise: under the same conditions, compared with other roller, the noise is down by 50%;
      10, Light quality: the quality of our roller is 1/5 of the steel roller (roller cylinder, bearing pedestal) with easy installation and maintenance, as well as low labor intensity;
      11, Energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency: when ACM rollers are equipped in conveyor, the motor power can be reduced; the comprehensive energy saving reaches more than 30%.


      Main technical parameters:
      1, Relative density 1.3g / cm3
      2, Friction properties:
      Dynamic friction coefficient 0.1~0.13
      Relative abrasion loss <3mg
      3, Mechanical properties:
      Axial tension strength ≧ 75MPa
      Notched impact strength ≧ 15kg
      4, Flame retarding UL94v-0
      5, Anti-static properties ≦ 5 ×108
      6, Operating temperature range -30 ~ 125 ℃
      7, Service life > 22000h



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